Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Bridge to Rwanda Blog Newsletter, Vol.17

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In the name of Jesus, I cover this blog and all the information and incidents in the Blood of Christ, that the projects, contents and words would be unharmed. Amen

January 1, 2011, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Dear Friends & Family, Please forgive me for not posting for so long. A lot has been going on at light speeds and truthfully we wanted to keep things confidential until they worked out. However, I have tried, so here is what I meant to post on Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2010, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Happy Thanksgiving! This is a special thanksgiving posting because my husband and I are so thankful for our Lord God for His Grace and mercy. My husband and I have moved to Los Angeles, CA. We arrived about 3 weeks ago. It’s been a project in the works that we needed to keep confidential so as not to allow the enemy any ground to complicate matters. I had been praying for a long time since we returned from our wedding for God to show me the next step of this journey.

Our hearts were definitely ready to stay wherever God called us to serve. However, for some time, funding had been diminishing because I had not been home to fundraise or organize. For some time, I had been struggling to find work to “tentmake” in Rwanda. Yet, God began to close the doors. JP’s health with diabetes was not doing well with the stress of life in Rwanda and lack of food choices or proper medications. Even my health was questionable. We could barely pay rent or afford ministry travel needs. And, the organization I founded in Houston, Urukundo for the Children was lacking organization, leadership and direction. Communication from afar began to get more and more difficult. I felt it was time to consult with God about the direction of our future.

I asked God to show me clearly what to do. God reminded me that He came first and family came next. I asked God that if He wanted us to stay in Rwanda he’d open the doors by providing a stable longterm job. As I applied for jobs, each door closed so I began to think the time was right to leave. As we decided to try to return to USA to live, God began parting the “Red Seas” to make that possible, confirming each step miraculously. We applied for JP’s green card and let God take over the rest. As soon as the paperwork got to the right place, the processing went so quickly and smoothly. We took many trips to Kenya to finish the process.

Then, we prayed about where to go in the US. Do we return to my hometown of Houston or do we go to the east coast, Midwest or west coast? Do we go somewhere new or some place familiar to me? I felt God pointing me again towards “family.” I have been so far from my family for so long and I am also starting a new family with JP. Most of my family now resides in the west coast, so that is where we decided to go. Perhaps God had some Godly appointments for us because He pointed us to Los Angeles, California. After going through all the steps (and there were many), we booked our flight to Los Angeles. The clock was ticking and we needed a miracle. We had to find a job and a place to live on limited funds. Praise God! He answered our prayers faithfully. We found a place in a weeks time and got settled in minimally. Now, I have been applying for a job in teaching or graphics/marketing communications.

We said our farewells to our church, as Pastor Lydia and Apostle Masasu prayed over us to send us out as missionaries of Evangelical Restoration Church Remera. They advised us to always remember to be examples of Christ wherever we go and to stay in unity and love. They also told us to keep in touch always with our church family in Rwanda as they will be praying for us. We sold all our possessions in miraculous timing to help us start out. JP visited his family for the last time and we bid farewell to local friends.

Back to January 1, 2011, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Happy New Years! Praise God Almighty because He is alive and faithful! When I was in Rwanda, struggling to make ends meet and missing my family and friends in America, I prayed that God would allow us to get back by Christmas. Hallelujah! We spent our first Thanksgiving in America. JP had his first turkey dinner, just the two of us. Then, we just flew back from a few days with my family for Christmas. This was JP’s first quality time with my family and it was wonderful. I had missed 4 years of their lives.

Being back in America is great. Living in Rwanda for so long really makes me appreciate my own country. It’s truly the LAND OF THE FREE! Even JP feels a true cultural freedom here. It’s nice to be able to speak and be yourself without fear of blatant persecution. Of course, there are still issues in America, but ultimately we are very FREE! In other countries, there are so many cultural taboos that you are constantly conscious of.

We’ve been here in Los Angeles for 2 months now and all is well. However, getting a job when you have become a bit outdated is not so easy. But I have faith that God has a plan. Please pray for a job to come soon. Our finances will last us only until the end of January.

Praise God! We thought we were out of JP’s diabetes meds and we don’t have medical insurance yet because of being unemployed, but God miraculously did His things and we found out his prescription still had months of refills left. God bless Dr. Su from HFBC.

We don’t have a car yet, so we’ve been on foot or bus. The transportation system here is wonderful. It takes three times to time to get places, but we get there safely. And it totally beats the ragged minibuses and motos of Africa.

We’ve been exploring churches, but haven’t really found a home church yet. This is not exactly the Bible belt of America. It’s actually the New Age and showbiz belt of America. So, churches are very different and far. But we have faith that God has a place for us, to grow us and use us.

Mostly, I’ve been really busy applying for jobs. That’s one reason I get so tired of the computer that I fail to blog. For some reason, God got us back after the beginning of the school year so it complicates things in the teaching jobs area. And things in America have moved on technologically so my graphics and marketing experiences are a bit behind. I am able to do new media marketing, but don’t have the experience in my resume. I know the job market is tough all around in America, so I try to be patient.

JP has been so in love with America and the ocean. His health is improving, although he’s caught a cold from the extraordinary cold front that has come to LA. I am also dealing with re-adapting to culture as America has changed in many ways.

JP has begun Advanced English – Adult classes and will be progressing towards passing his GED so he can have a more promising job future. He’s enjoying the teaching methods of America.

Overall, we are great because God is faithful. Our greatest need right now is for me to get a job. I am praying not just for a job to make money to live, but a safe place where I can serve God and work for long term in peace. In going to Rwanda, I sacrificed a lot of my career in both teaching and graphics/marketing communications. Getting back into the swing of things is not easy. And being in CA instead of TX…I have get certified in CA so tracking down records and letters is a task. BUT I KNOW GOD IS FAITHFUL, He has answered all prayers so far, so we continue to pray for a future for the Huang Bigirindavyi family.

For all our faithful prayer warriors, we want to thank you so much for all your support. I know you are there. JP and I love you so much and miss you all. I will try to keep you posted as things progress. This is a brief update. Please pray for all the emotional and spiritual stuff within us that is adjusting to change. It’s not easy. There have been both support and judgments about our staying in Rwanda and leaving Rwanda, but we stand strong by the feet of Jesus. I know that God’s calling was real. He sustained me through much in Rwanda and brought me back safely, with a wonderful husband. We have not folded our mission for Rwanda, but have moved onto the next phase. Only God knows who or how anything is going to happen. We just go forward according to His direction and His favor.

When I get more time, I will post some photos of JP’s experiencing LA. Love Yall!

Love in Christ Jesus,

Linda & Jean-Paul



· For our marriage

· For our safe transition to America

· For our apartment

· For great Thanksgiving & Christmas

· For answers to prayers

· For all our supporters and prayer warriors


· Favor for Linda to get the right job soon

· A church in LA where JP and I can grow and serve

· Continued health and healing for JP

· Linda’s physical and spiritual health

· Overall getting settled and getting some direction for our future