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Bridge To Rwanda Blog Newsletter, Vol. 2

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August 14, 2007 KIGALI, RWANDA – “Yesu Ashimwe!” (Praise the Lord!) God has been everpresent and faithful, orchestrating my time here in Rwanda, bringing many players, helpers, projects, and learning experiences. Not one moment has been in vain and I am still exploring all the avenues that He has brought to me. Sweat and tears are accompanied by miracles and joys. I have been so blessed with such sweet precious Rwandese relationships and responsibilities. Since the moment I stepped off the airplane, it has been a nonstop journey of revealing the steps to building God’s dream of a school to raise orphans as leaders of peace. This country has experienced so much social, political, and economic division and poverty. However, there is definitely evidence of revival. Many refugees who had fled Rwanda before, during, and after the genocide have returned to the country they love. There is such a desire to raise their country as a godly example. The topic of genocide is not common because they see it as the past that shall never happen again. All talk is about building the future of Rwanda.

The cultural climate here is an odd paradox of extreme poverty and wealth, a flood of foreign mission groups and new businesses co-existing with hole-in-the-wall shops and self-sustaining agriculture, a mix of cultural pride and insecurities. There are signs of developing higher education and industry yet still lacking competitively against the global landscape. People are thirsting for knowledge and opportunity, many thinking the answer is to leave the country.

Before I left the US, I knew that God wanted me to someday build a school for Him in Rwanda for 100 children whom He has promised shall come out of the school as great leaders for His country and whom shall influence the rest of the world for peace. God planted the goal of a leadership curriculum founded on biblical principals, a global family perspective, hi-tech, and the arts – Christ Is Our Hope School (CIOHS) Rwanda. This is a unique school and outreach organization that models compassion and leadership to the children it teaches. For this I left my family, my church, and my life in the US. With their blessings and the umbrella of World Relief, I came to this foreign country by God’s will to follow where He leads.

By day, I teach and serve at Kigali International Community School (KICS), a new school of NGO and embassy children, where God grows me as a humble teacher contributing to the welfare of families who come to serve. The rest of my time, weekends and holidays, has been following and exploring God’s will and His call as He places me before people, places, and situations that affirm His vision. I do nothing but follow His steps and what he brings before me. Every step of the way has been one of hardship and learning as well as experiencing His miraculous presence.

[PHOTOS: Meeting FESO for the first time; Bebe's old home where he lived alone with his siblings and an absent drunkard father (no mother); FESOkids at concert performance]
God has not wasted any time as He has already begun bringing me specific children for the school and the founding of a Rwandese organization that will care for orphans beyond the school. A wonderful miracle happened when I met two young secondary school students from Ndera, Felix and Alpha. We met in a mud-brick house in the neighborhood of Ndera where they attend boarding school. They had presented their dream to me and the actions that they had initiated to rescue 19 orphan children in their neighborhood. As I heard their story, my heart felt God place us together in the palm of His hands and kneeding our vision for caring for orphans together for God. I have come to believe that these two young men are 2 of the 100 kids that God has promised and called me to raise. They are fresh and innocent, but they have God’s dream and the love of the children in their hearts. I shall be a mentor, guide, partner, friend, and teacher in the lives of these two as they grow into their place of leadership. Together we are FESO (Friends in Effort to Support Orphans). FESO will eventually develop into a registered local NGO that works to meet the needs of orphan children in crisis. We already have these 19 kids from Ndera (age 1-17) who have bonded with our hearts. We will be exploring the possibility of helping the 140 boys of the Nyabugogo Orphanage (from Newsletter Volume 1) as well as others that God will bring. Please visit www.fesokidsrwanda.blogspot.com.

God has also brought a group of godly Rwandese businessmen and their wives called Join Hands and Join Hearts, who are to come alongside FESO and myself to build this school and initiate projects that model godly principles to the Rwandese. We will partner on business ventures to develop the local economy and generate funds to support community projects. Our role will be unique and direct, one Rwandese generation bringing up another Rwandese generation with godly integrity.

[PHOTOS: FESOkids prepare for concert]
God does not have to wait for walls or funds. His grace is sufficient and active immediately. God alerted me that the Ndera kids were not saved, so on Saturday, 4th August 2007 we went to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the kids of Ndera using the evangecube whereby the children received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Each child literally confessed their sins to our Lord Jesus and asked Him to indwell in them to change them. These kids are from broken families and accustomed to lives of survival on the streets. They were used to wicked ways of theft, promiscuity, deceit, fear, and desperation. They embraced the hope of the Gospel like their first drink of water since living in the barren desert. God could not wait for walls so He literally planted seeds for the school to begin without walls as we now visit weekly to teach them Bible Study, English, and Music, instilling and activating the Word of God upon their hearts and lives. God’s dream cannot wait for walls, but someday it shall have walls, tools, resources, partners, supporters, and many more kids.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of taking FESOkids out of their impoverished surroundings to rehearse and perform at a charity concert at the small stadium for Mizero Foundation of Atlanta. It was a treat for the kids who have never been out of their impoverished neighborhoods. They were blessed to venture out to see the city and to spend time with FESO Volunteers as they performed songs written by FESO’s Alpha. (I invite you to visit FESO's blogsite. I designed the logo and site. www.fesokidsrwanda.blogspot.com)

[PHOTOS: Me with FESO, the Ndera kids and Mama Perin]
There are many parts in place and many more I am exploring in order to build this school. Please join me in prayer for FESO, JoinHands, and Christ is Our Hope School Rwanda. And please pray for myself as I will be writing the proposals and plans for the school as well as continuing to research the educational and business climate of the country. Pray for the new school year at KICS which begins September 3rd. Pray for daily strength to overcome trials and reap joy in His work. Please also pray for my raising of funds to build the organization and the school. I will be providing information about opportunities to invest in God’s mission as they are established. Ask God what part you shall play, as financial supporter, advocate, or Prayer Warrior. All is needed, none is too small. I know that God has a plan for you and its no accident that you are in my life and reading this. I invite you to join the mission that God has planned for Rwanda. The table is set and the plans are accomplished. You are invited to sit at the table with your wedding garment and reap the fruit of God’s plans. God bless you for your interest and your heart. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at LHSATORI@YAHOO.COM.

Right now there are some specific needs that I am praying about and I invite you to join me in prayer and support as God has encouraged me to “cast the net in deep water.”

First, I continue to raise support funds through World Relief for my 2 year term. I have most of the first year raised, but still need funds for the second year. Heartfelt thanks to all who have answered God's call to support my commission.

Second, I am praying for God, Jehovah Jireh the Almighty Provider, to provide a vehicle. Taxis are expensive and motos are not very safe, nor can they carry children or supplies. The cost also adds up. A vehicle would be a great asset to building God’s ministry. An entire vehicle was not budgeted into my initial fundraising. I am praying for a vehicle that can carry volunteers and some orphan kids on trips. The cost of a small used vehicle runs from $4K (US) and up. The cost of a decent used van or SUV runs $10K-12K (US). Then, there is cost of insurance, gasoline, maintenance, and international permit. In praying for a vehicle, God told me to “Cast the net out into deep water.” The car would belong to myself and Christ Is Our Hope School (CIOHS) ministry. Whatever is donated shall go into the car fund and future endeavors of CIOHS, including its establishment, general startup and operational costs, and serving the children. So far I have been using my own support funds to rent vans to transport and feed the children for their concert performance. So, if God calls you to invest in this ministry, please...

DONATE ONLINE through Grace Deposits at Network for Good.
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if you prefer, you may WIRE FUNDS DIRECTLY to my account in Rwanda with the following information:

Correspondents Bank:Citibank USA/New York
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Swift Code: CITIUS33
Account Number: 36246707 USD

Beneficiary's Bank (My bank):Campagnie Generale De Banque SA (COGEBANQUE)
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(final account) Name: Linda Huang
Account Number: 130-0153165

NOTE: Please email me your name, city and amount (lhsatori@yahoo.com) if you make a transfer so that I can check on its arrival and thank you.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FESO, please visit www.fesokidsrwanda.blogspot.com to see and read more about FESO and the kids.

I praise God for YOU and for entrusting me with His dream. As God is my witness and Savior, this is the real thing. We shall work directly with the kids to identify and provide for their needs. This is the beginning of a grassroots development, but God can move mountains. Please pray for His protection of the vision and good relationships with all parties that cross our path. I miss my homeland, my friends, my family, my churches very much (more than you can imagine), but God has given me a home in His purpose that carries each of you with me and embraces you close in my heart wherever I am in the world.

Love in Christ Jesus,

"Ariko rero umbuto z'Umwuka ni urukundo, n'ibyishimo, n'amahoro, no kwihangana, no kugira neza, n'ingeso nziza, no gukiranuka, no kugwa neza, no kwirinda..." - Abalagatiya 5:22-23

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control..." - Galatians 5:22-23