Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Equipping yourself for Spiritual Battles: Your own private War Room

AUSTIN, TX – Last night my husband and I were invited for a pre-screening of War Room, a Kendrick brothers film (makers of Facing the Giants and Fireproof) that will be released for theaters in August 2015. I don't know how I got included on the list, but it was just what my husband and I needed to get refueled and reminded of the strategies of spiritual warfare. The minute we returned to America in 2010, we started getting busy and we had gotten to a busy place that is so common in America. Things in Africa are much simpler and slower paced. We are struggling to find time to adequately seek God. God is the only One that can weed out all the clutter in our lives. America is a clutter magnet and that is how the enemy gets you lost. The enemy fills your life with a forest of clutter so that you lose sight of God.

This morning as I was driving, I told my husband that I used to have such a close relationship with God. He used to lead my daily Bible lessons and speak to my heart. I miss that. God had taught me that He is constantly communicating with us, constantly sending us signs (believe it or not, I got that message while watching the horror movie Final Destination2) but we just don't know how to read the signs. Then, I started to see signs...Now, I can't see any signs. The difference from now and then is the depth and breadth of my prayer time with God. I used to be in the Word constantly. God shared with me that He remembers us always. We are the ones who forget Him. So, I am attempting to re-build my dwelling place where I meet with God and worship Him privately, where He reads my heart and shares with me the desires of His heart.

Its been tough. Heartbreak is the worst thing that comes between us and God, but its the time we need to be closest to Him. Heartbreak brings a flood of tears that cloud our emotions and our vision. Then we go on emotional numbness. But its okay. TD Jakes says in his book "Why? because you are anointed" that, despite what most people say, its okay to question God. He says that God will not be offended. He will answer your whys. Its not disrespectful to question God. He wants us to have that dialogue with Him. Wow! Everyone had been telling me not to question God, but He is the only one I can ask these questions. Without an answer, I remain in confusion and doubt. God knows.

And in War Room, the elderly lady says that in any battle you have to strategize against the enemy. So, our prayers need to be strategic.

So, I am now tasking myself to rebuild my war room, the place where I meet God face to face.

Beloved friends, I hope you are blessed by this blog. I hope you have a war room somewhere where you strategize and get with God. He is already there waiting for you. The Bible tells us to be still and wait on God, but it also tells us in the story of the prodigal son that God waits for us too, to come home to His safe place.

I would like to buy the War Room DVD and send it to my pastor friends in Africa. It has many messages about faith and family that are valuable to any culture and would bless Africa.

Love in Christ Jesus,

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