Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Waiting Period...Finally a Breakthrough


AUSTIN, TX – Its been a long time since I've posted on this blog. I praise God for continually remembering me and carrying me through the challenges. Sometimes it seems like life is a journey on Noah's ark, waiting in the flood for some relief and sign of hope. God remains my first and last passion. I continue to carry God's clear vision in my heart, even while its path goes in directions I never foresaw.

My husband and I have been on this journey to get re-planted in America and its been quite a trip. God has tested us and we've finally made some breakthroughs. We are planted somewhere that we can see roots forming. It hasn't been easy. Its been a process of praying and waiting. Not being very public about our struggles, but bringing it to God. Now, finally we have made some breakthroughs and we can see light.

We have planted our lives in Austin, Texas. I struggled with finding decent work and financial stability. The four year inflation of life in America really took a toll on us and my husband JP had to begin his career at the bottom, which was humbling for both of us. Nevertheless, God has come through for us and fought for us. He now has a nice full-time job with great medical benefits that takes care of his diabetes. He is waiting to get his permanent green card, but meanwhile got his first provisional driver's license (learner's permit). After three years of trudging through the employment market, I finally landed a great job in corporate America with great benefits. We have found a great home church here in Austin, where JP plays lead guitar for Saturday services. The wait was long and tested our faith, but we are strong followers of Christ and we know that God has great plans for our family.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to get stability. Please also pray for God to provide the way and means to revive the ministry. Urukundo for the Children is still alive and real in my heart. The dream is to revive it in full force in a few years. God has brought me many education connections that I believe has a purpose in my life. The dream is to build something with perpetual results to change the world. Our young people are the future and if we do not build them up and develop them for leadership and global consciousness, there will not be a world left to pray for.

If you are in trying times, please be assured that God has not forgotten you. I know this because I have been in and out of the desert waiting on God and He always comes through and provides the perfect way out. There is a purpose for the waiting period that God knows about. Its to prime and prepare us for the grater task ahead and the greater glory ahead. The enemy is strong, but not stronger than the force of God Almighty. Be encouraged that God does not forget us. Anticipate and look forward to the breakthrough ahead.

Love in Christ Jesus,

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Simeon Ngezahayo said...

Sister in Christ, I understand all your emotions and trials. Thank God who provided a way out. I really thank God for your family and believe God will continue to take care of you because of the love of Christ you have showed.
Be strong in our Lord!